Saturday, April 2, 2016

We're all novices and some people are dick butts.

My sweet husband took up the bonsai habit a year ago. Watching him develop his hobby has been fun. He reads, shares photos, and follows the masters very closely. He has a blog about his discoveries which gets daily visits from readers around the world. He writes posts through dictation because he struggles to type on a cell he innocently shared some advice on reddit and some guy who has nothing better to do than troll, trolled him and put him down.
People can be so mean. It's disheartening.  When did we become a society that is so quick to put others down? Why can't people just cheer other people on?
I took this photo at the DC arboretum,  it was an orchid exhibition. I love orchids and have several of my own. Most are doing well and learning to care for them has been fun. Maybe I should post about them on reddit so some orchid master can tell me everything I do and know is wrong?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

DC on a Dime

My husband and I went to Washington DC last month. It was a fun trip though frustrating at times. The capital and its sights are beautiful. The weather, though cold, added to our experience. I enjoyed seeing the Potomac river with its choppy waters. I thought it interesting that the public busses have stops on the grounds of apartment buildings. On the front steps of people's homes! We took advantage of all of the free museums and memorials.

While on our first walk through the city, we came across the Albert Einstein memorial statue. He sat alone on a street corner, abandoned by the crowds. It's a beautiful statue.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Years Later

Tu de nuevo?

So, years have past and I had forgotten all about my blog. Well, that's not entirely true. I would forget it periodically and then remember it and plan on getting back to it but never did. Until now. I think a picture a day at the age of 34 is ambitious though not impossible.
Alot has happened since my last post. My best friend got married and moved far away, so far far away. I got married and had a baby! I promise not to let this blog become a shrine to her or my adorable bonus daughter. That's what I have Instagram for.

New Mexico or Arizona, October 2013

I took these photos while on honeymoon. We decided to take a road trip and drove from California, to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. It was two of the happiest weeks of my life. One afternoon, we ended up on a two lane road somewhere in Arizon or New Mexico, surrounded by grass and thousands of grasshoppers. They were huge and covered the entire road, it was frightening. They kept hopping and I could hear my little car crunching them by the droves.  

At one point, my husband asked me to pull over so he could collect a specimen. I did and the pthoto above is of him running back to the car with a specimen in a Powerade bottle. What I remember the most from this day is his gleeful smile as he ran back to the car. It reminded me a young boy describing dinosaurs or race cars to you, so much joy and enegry that they trip over their own words. I also vividly remember the front bumber of my car and the carnage of doznes of grasshoppers across it; months later, I was still picking their little legs out of the grooves of my car's radiator.
TMI? Never!

The lone survivor, this little guy hung on to the windshield until we got to our destination. A national park that had been closed due to the government shutdown. If you notice in the distance, all that kept us from entering were four orange cones. No one around for miles. So, being law abiding citizens, we did a u-turn and drove to a spot where we could wash all of the dead grasshoppers off of the car's front bumber.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Super Bon

My best friend is Asian. I love her dearly and she's helped me discover new foods and drinks, such as Ramune.

Ramune tastes like tonic water and helps you burp. Not much else to it unless you get the melon flavored variety, which tastes like tonic water with a hint of melon. The beauty of Ramune is that there is a sealed marble inside of the bottle. You tear off a plastic tab from the top of the bottle and slap it back down. The slap causes the marble to dislodge and then you can enjoy the bubbly beverage.

It's worth buying at least once just for the fun of slapping a bottle and hearing the marble clink around.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Lengths

I started school two weeks ago and I'm avoiding studying at all costs. It's not that I'm lazy...I'm just terrified of failure. It makes sense in my head.
 Here's today's picture:
I took this picture at the Renaissance Fair a couple of months ago. This guy was just walking around with a turtle (or is it a tortoise?) on his head. I applaud anyone that just 'is.' This man seems to really enjoy renaissance garb and his pet so he combined the two and went for a stroll.

I've been called weird, crazy, strange, abnormal, abby normal, and ridiculous and I have yet to be offended by it. If you have freak flag, let it fly. The truly remarkable thing is that when you're honest to yourself, amazing people come into your life and you can be certain that they love you because you're the person that walks with a turtle on your head and not in spite of it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

November 2010. Chocolate chip ice cream and peanut butter/walnut cookies in West L.A. Not much to say other than 'mmmm.'